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May 8, 1998

It is not what God knows about person, or what ‘she’ knows about God. But always what God, divine Love, is knowing about itself in place of the human picture. This love of God is expressed as completeness, safety, abundance, joy, freedom, because your divinity is your innate and invulnerable fact. The Bible calls it the “holy thing”, or state of wholeness, that is the Son, or consciousness, of God. (Luke 1:35) This is how you live.

It is a waste of time—and money!—to wallow about in the recesses of the human mind. “All consciousness is Mind, and Mind is God” (Ret. 56:18). There is no human mind—conscious, subconscious, or unconscious. It is terminology only. You cannot get to the bottom of it, because the ultimate tool that a doctor or a psychiatrist uses is the human mind itself. That is self-contradictory. One Mind precludes any other sort of mind.

But you must begin with Mind. You begin by knowing that this Mind is your only capacity now to think, see, hear, act. This Mind is your present divinity and precludes all else. This Mind never had a bad experience because it antedates the whole mortal story. This Mind is not applied to a