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hank you for your last letter. There is no waiting in Science, since our starting point is the present perfection of being in every detail, with nothing outside of your infinite selfhood that has to come into line with what you eternally are. Remember the infinite is one, and this means that there is not a divine and a human sense of anything. There is only the divine seeing, knowing, moving etc. What we call human sight or movement is not an alternative to the infinite one, but is a suggestion that the one functioning could be hidden and at some point improved. The human sense is no sense. S&H 505:23 says that Mind demonstrates (shows forth) the divine sense. It is the divine sense, Mind’s sense of everything, that is true now. The human sense or concept is nothing in its own right and can only disappear in the presence of the divine. An improved human concept is simply the divine fact, less and less hidden by the belief it is human.

You start with what is true now. The human concept, “always erroneous”, can tell you and give you nothing. (See Mis. 103:21-23)