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Thank you so much for your letter. I must say I am amazed that the medical dictatorship demands a whole check-up, as in this country people make an appointment and the thing is done in ten minutes and that is that. But the real point is that there is only one treatment, which is the Truth, no matter how human sense perceives this at any level of thought. This is why adherence to Truth does open the way for the correct “use for temporary and eternal means” (S&H 444:10) since the only means are the modes of Mind.

There is a temptation to think that one has humanly got to see something before the reward comes of a healing. This is the same as saying you have got to see in order to see! Truth is unconditional, and material sense cannot impose anything upon the operation of divine Principle. Your Mind is unaware of any other sense of being but itself, and this means there is nothing to be attained, nothing to be put right, and nothing to be dropped. Any thought or action that does not proceed from this Principle, your Mind, never took place.