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You may like to ponder deeply S&H 332:9-11, 23-2.

The Christ is the Son, or understanding, of God, and is inseparable from God. “Principle and its idea is one…” (S&H 465:17) and you live as this Adorable One, the I AM. No fleshly element has ever entered this One.

Jesus, as the human concept of the Christ, was the highest type of expression that the age, or standpoint of perception at that time, could appreciate. The Christ was all that was true of Jesus, though the human concept itself was not the Christ, Truth. The eternal Christ was the divine message from God to men, speaking as the human consciousness though never to the human mind. This is because “All consciousness is Mind, and Mind is God” (Ret. 56:18). The human mind is never conscious.

The form of humanity in which the Christ appears to come at any time changes according to the need, and this form illustrates, though never constitutes, the spiritual agreement between God and man in His image. The form is temporary, and is never the truth, but at best is an approximation of Truth. The form appears to improve as the human element dissolves. The only constant is the Christ outside of human form.

The human attempt is always to try and distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong, the desirable and undesirable on a human basis, and this is impossible since that which is spiritually right and desirable has no opposite, and that which is humanly good can never be absolute. No current fashion, no church edict, no personal pressure can produce a totally right answer for anything. So we do not deny the form of appearing just because it may conflict with some humanly preconceived opinion about what is right or wrong.

Please ponder this. The human ego or concept will be found doing the best and wisest thing within its terms of reference, in proportion that identity is found, not with this so-called ego but with the divine Mind or I. Christian stoicism, pride, habit, or fear are not Christian Science.