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Thank you for your letter. First, the matter of that fashionable disease which is on everyone’s tongue and is in nobody’s mind! The following passages—and there are many like them—show clearly that we do not accept a mortal mind and then try and get rid of what is in it. She says “this me is mortal mind” and it is always this non-mind talking about itself to itself and making good to itself its claim. Hence, S&H 86:29-30; 391:3-4; and 390:20-21 (whose thought?).

The Mind that you have now is God, and this Mind experiences its own contents or selfhood, which it calls man. This totality of Mind knowing and unfolding itself constitutes all being, and is the way we live and is the Ego. It never knows, accommodates, or is impressed by, a so-called human ego which is not itself. It is more important to know that you do not have a mind to wrong than to see there is no wrong.

There is no disease. The belief of it and the believer in it are one and are just a misstatement of the Truth which is the one Ego. You are not a believer.