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S&H says that “Spiritual sense is a conscious, constant capacity to understand God” (S&H 209:31-32). You could paraphrase this by saying, ‘spiritual sense, man, Spirit’s own sense of being, inspired consciousness’, the “…conscious identity of being…” (S&H 475:16-17) is God’s own under- standing of Himself. Understanding is a quality of God and is also man.

There are, in belief only, two sources of thought and, in reality only one. Either thought proceeds from mortal mind, or immortal Mind. There is no person with a spiritual or a material sense, but the true sense of being is man and the false sense of being constitutes what appears as a mortal.

Living as Mind-manifest, you live as the presence of universal Mind in action. This is inevitably one, indivisible, infinite activity. Its centre is Mind, not person, living Mind’s experience as synchronised, co-ordinated, whole. All things work together for good because in God, Mind, good has to be all things together as one, and it is this that ensures your harmonious relationship with all that constitutes your uni- verse. There is no distinction between ‘I’ here and ‘I’ there, for as Jesus said in John 17:23, “I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in [as] one…”

The Science of Being is the understanding of what God is being and it is God who understands. There is not this Science and a belief of what is being. There is no dualism
to be resolved. There is just understanding instead of belief, and so untouched by anything that belief ever says. In divine understanding belief disappears, and you therefore have im- proved belief (so it seems) because there is just less belief.

Your relationship is to your Principle and to nothing external.

I AM at peace because I AM Myself !