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“For God to know, is to be” (No and Yes 16:1-2). Knowing and being are two aspects of the same operation of Mind. In effect this is saying, ‘What I know I AM’. There is no gap between knowing and being or experiencing. The knowing is the experience, for Mind can only experience thought. The whole belief of delay, obstruction, frustration comes from
the basic error that man (manifestation) is separate from
his Principle. This is no more possible than it is to separate thought from the Mind that thinks. Spirit is not translated into matter in order to be practical. Paul asked the Galatians, “Are ye so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit are ye now made perfect by the flesh?” (3:3).

The only healing in Science is not by Truth doing some- thing to a situation, but by the discordant situation yielding
in the presence of the Truth that never knew it. The morning light does not do something to the mist, but the mist dissolves in the presence of the light that never knew it. You are the light, not the recipient. This is practical by letting the ideas of Spirit—abundance, safety, joy, assurance, etc.—abide as your total consciousness, for then Love is present as your con- sciousness and thus you are living as that functioning presence of God which Isaiah called Immanuel, or Saviour.