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There is no personal plan, because the whole scenario of persons with bits of life, income, responsibility, opportunity, etc. exists only in a fictitious mind that is not God. It is the dreamer’s dream, and is completely unknown to the Mind that is yours, and which has never known anything but its own perfect, harmonious, fulfilled being. There is no answer to the problems of the dream within the dream, because to Divine Mind the dream has never been. You live as that which antedates the entire mortal story, and so you live as co-existent with God, with the same Life, joy, feeling, nature, as God Himself.

The life, substance and continuity of all things is in Principle. This means that it exists in the original before the mirror, and not in the image. The belief of lack of continuity stems from thinking that image, effect, man, can do or be something separate from his cause, and this belief has no truth and no substance to sustain it. You live as the unchang- ing unfoldment of divine Principle, and not as a person trying to express Principle. That is why you are safe.

All that is true about any situation is the One Mind declaring the Truth about itself to itself, and no personal medium in the way. This is why we do not start with the need to ‘help a person’ or ‘fix a situation’, but remain at the spiritual altitude of thought where there is no person helping or being helped, no material/human situation to be fixed or not, but just the One, divine Mind, being ALL.

All reaction is duality, and divides our sense of being. Jesus blessed his enemies because his consciousness knew none. He endured the shame because the I of His Being could feel no shame. Love knows nothing outside its infinite self-containment to which it could react. It is we and not the other fellow that suffers if we react.

We never expect anything of another, but we know that we include the true idea of what appears as another as our own consciousness and this takes care of the other. You do not ‘get’ free. You start with the fact that there is one nature, one Life, one Mind, and the ‘constant self-immolation’ of which Mrs. Eddy speaks is simply rejecting every mesmeric suggestion that there is anything going on outside the Mind that is God and is ours.