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How nice to hear from you. You are both often in my thoughts.

If you look carefully at Unity 13:21-4 and 14:12-14, 19- 20, 23-24 you will see that there is no divine repentance. And since divinity is both God and man, there is nothing for man, as the consciousness of God, to unlearn or forget.

That which does wrong and that which is wronged are two aspects of the same dream of personal sense. That which puts off the old man and puts on the new is likewise personal sense. The Christ never changes.

The “Christ treatment” on page 369:19-22 and margin can be understood as: ‘The Mind of God, (which is I), know man, (who is My consciousness and whose Life I AM), to be immortal. I know that My consciousness does not contain two senses of anything, one to be dropped and the other to be gained.’ Hence S&H 428:22-24. We, as the only US, must hold and cannot help but hold forever My consciousness of existence, which is My own divine sense of being, man.