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I thought this statement about consciousness might help you.

There is ONE Mind and all true being is the divine consciousness—the one ‘I’ saying AM—which we call the Ego. All that has truth or life or love has it because it is God saying I AM: this is ME.

Mortal, or the human, mind is the term used to designate the belief in a consciousness apart from God. Mortal mind is the generalised belief: human mind is the personalised admission of it. It is a term, not a state, and it is used to designate that which is nothing.

The human mind is not a factor in healing, whether it is called patient or practitioner. Nor is Christian Science healing matter through some mental activity. Being nothing, the human mind cannot receive truth nor can it be improved by truth.

What happens in Christian Science Mind-healing is this: as the ideas of the divine Mind constitute what we term human consciousness, so the belief that consciousness is human dissolves and all that is left is the one, conscious, infinite Mind being us. This disappearance of the belief in another mind, and so of the errors that this mind includes, is called healing. But it is never an improved human condition: it is simply the clearer view of the only condition there is, which is never human but divine.

Mary Baker Eddy uses the terms ‘human mind’ and ‘human consciousness’. The first is wholly error and is incapable of improvement. It is simply denial. Human consciousness, on the other hand, is actually always the divine, since “All consciousness is Mind, and Mind is God” (Ret. 56:18), and is not wholly obscured by the belief that it is human.

Human consciousness, imbued with the divine, is only divine, and this is the human and divine coincidence. Matter, being ‘mortal error’, has to disappear in the presence of the one Mind being your consciousness, and this disappearance is what is called healing.

So, just enjoy the one Mind being you. This will do its own work. Never get into intellectual wrestlings, trying to understand the one Mind from a so-called standpoint outside it, since this is impossible. This is why ‘Christianity is foolish- ness to the Greeks’—those who seek to gain it through intellect. (See 1 Cor. 1:23)

Remember that “Love never loses sight of loveliness” (S&H 248:9-3). That is, I cannot lose sight of what I AM.