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I am sure the answer is to keep it simple, if only because it is impossible to comprehend an infinite God with a finite mind. It is easier to understand that your present capacity to understand and feel good is the divine, making itself felt despite the belief you have a human mind. The latter is terminology only. It is also helpful to see that the divine Mind, God, is not an agency or something outside you but is the altitude of consciousness that contains no human sense element, whereas personal sense—the adamant of error—is not you or something you are reluctant to drop, but just a limited, inaccurate viewpoint. The reference I gave you was not chastisement, but rather a reminder that this adamant is simply obscurity. It is not anything you are, but it hides what you are. Therefore there is no point in retaining it. The way we do this is just to watch thought, so that what guides and constitutes our life and thinking is not obtained through the senses, but direct from God, our highest sense of good at any moment. God is your Life and Mind and nothing less. Never doubt that every right thought you have is Mind knowing, and so carries the power of omnipotence.

Page 83:9-14 might help you to see that there is no divine intervention. God does nothing for you, but your attunement with the divine lifts you above the level of problems into that of whole, satisfied and joyful being.