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I trust all is well with you. You see, the entire mortal scene is simply a projection of mortal mind, or mesmerism, and remains in this mind and has absolutely nothing to do with your record of being. The only reason that a human situation seems to conform is that when the true idea, God’s idea of anything, is present as consciousness, the human belief, and all it contains, begins to fade out, thus revealing more clearly what already is. We put off, but do not try to patch up, ‘the old man and woman’. (See S&H 172:22 and Col. 3:9) We live as the serene, optionless, manhood and womanhood of God, not of man. You have nothing of your own to lose or retain, but you are all by reflection.

As we learn more of Truth—that is, as Truth asserts itself more and more as our consciousness—we see the inadequacy of belief. (S&H 258:6-8) But this is nothing to perturb us, for this appearing of mortal inadequacy only serves, by inver- sion, to remind us of the infinite ability and wholeness of Truth.