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November 26

You are much in thought. I feel the simplest way is just to stay with the fact that I AM ALL. You see, the light does not say ‘I am not a shadow’. The light is being light, oblivious of an alternative. So it is that spiritual understanding, the light of Truth, does not have to waste a minute on declaring what is not true. It does not have to say ‘my sense of womanhood, or work, or anything else needs improving’ for it is only knowing the perfection of being, the beauty of holiness, imperishable glory.

Mind does not argue. When Jesus argued with the Pharisees, they plotted how to destroy him. But the scientific way of dealing with error was when he was confronted by the adulterous woman, and simply wrote her whole story in the dust, the nothingness, of the ground. (See John 8:6) Divine Love looks right through the mirage and sees only the loveliness, the wholeness, the joy and abundance, the total rightness of its own being, and this is your only capacity to see.