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October 3, 1978

I feel we need to get this sense of abandoning the private, personal sense of life. The I AM, which is the present consciousness of Principle and idea as one entity, was never buried in the mortal, personal sense of things. We do not consider ourselves as person and then seek healing from an agency called CS. Instead we see that as the I AM, we enjoy the divine record of ourselves in which person and all things material have never occurred.

When we work, we shut the door on all personal history for ourselves and others. We shut out the divided sense of being. We enter the sanctuary—the I AM. We leave Tom, Dick and Harry behind. In this sanctuary we plead and enjoy God’s allness. We enjoy the totality of good that is our present state. We enjoy our infinite being, not personalised, materialised or localised. We pause on the threshold long enough to see that every claim of life in matter and as person is simply suggestion and not an alternate state. Then we dismiss it, along with the first sentence in the scientific statement of being, and get on with the real fact expressed in the second sentence, “All is infinite Mind and its infinite [man] manifestation” (S&H 468:10-11).

Take those pages of the chapter on Prayer about going into the closet and then practice your divinity here and now. You do not have a throat or body, but you do live as the body or embodiment of all good—as God’s body if you will—in which every single idea is functioning correctly because it is constituted of Love.