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October 6

There is no corporeal being knowing Truth. “If we pray [to] God as a corporeal person, this will prevent us from relinquishing the human doubts and fears which attend such a belief…” (S&H 13:20-22). This keeps the fears and doubts of twoness. “Not materially but spiritually we know Him [as] divine Mind, as Life…” (S&H 140:7-8). Prayer is God knowing God. The capability to know Truth is always the capability of Truth itself, appearing despite and not because of the human sense of things. So it has the power of Truth. Thus do you feel the power of the Word.

Mind knows: and this totality of Mind knowing, God being, Life living, is the Ego and the way you exist. From the standpoint of this Ego there has never been a mortal, divided, plural sense of being. “…properly speaking there are no material senses…” (S&H, 26th Edition 421: 6-7). So it follows there are not throats and so nothing to which belief can attach itself. Instead there is just I AM being and constituting All.

This sense of the Ego dissolves the adamant of error, which is always a wrong sense of self, or person, kept and maintained by self-will, self-justification, or self-love. The Ego never knew a person, and living as the Ego results in present experience being freer of earth-weights and so more distinctive and original than before.

Dwell with the I AM. That is the sanctuary. Never join the passing procession of mortal mind.