Doris Dufour Henty

Addresses and Other Writings on Christian Science 1-5

Five paperbacks




These five slim volumes include all twenty-five papers from Addresses and Other Writings on Christian Science. The papers were given by Mrs. Henty over a number of years to Christian Science Associations. The Foreword, written by her sister, includes an account of Mrs. Henty’s first learning of Christian Science, and her subsequent remarkable healing.

Volume 1:
1. Entirely Separate
2. Christ-Acknowledgment versus Human Effort
3. The Christ Way
4. The Glorious Life of God and Man
5. The Veil Is Lifted

Volume 2:
1. The Irresistible Healing Power of the Word of God
2. The Lord’s Prayer
3. The Sabbath Day
4. Instantaneous Healing
5. I AM

Volume 3:
1. The Sum-Total of Good Is Man’s Natural State
2. The All-Inclusiveness of Being
3. Man’s Inevitable Abundance
4. “What Went Ye Out for to See?”
5. In Thy Light

Volume 4:
1. “My Kingdom Is Not of This World”
2. There Is No Unwedded State
3. “What Is His Name?” “Christ Science.”
4. Greater Works
5. The Nature of the Infinite

Volume 5:
1. The Holy City
2. The Perfection of Being
3. The Correct Standpoint Reveals Man’s Perfection
4. The Marriage Feast
5. God’s Will