John Hargreaves

Anarchy or True Self-Government

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This is a previously unpublished recording of a talk on Christian Science given by John Hargreaves at a public meeting. John begins by suggesting that this is “a chance to think together about some important world issues — issues concerning such things as government and authority, power and revolution.” He begins by painting a picture of the world scene, then follows by looking to the example of the Master Christian “to see what we can learn there.”

He then looks at what light the teachings of Christian Science throw upon the subject, showing that experience is immune from all forms of hierarchical control and resulting anarchy when thought is realised to be governed by its source, the divine Principle, Mind, and never by persons wielding supposed power or authority. In this talk John tells of the beautiful escape to safety and freedom experienced by a Russian man during World War II.

This presentation shows that there is no choice between anarchy or self-government by Principle. It challenges the futility of anarchy and leads thought to start with Principle and not person.  Only in this way can true peace and order be realised. Unless the very warring factions of the five senses are dropped and adherence to the laws of the universe obeyed, disorder will seem to continue. But the alternate path is shown in this hour long talk and enables the listener to relinquish the very basis of disorder for the primary laws of harmony that operate as thinking.