John Hargreaves

Collected Writings

EPUB, Kindle

Previously published as a series of booklets




Collected Writings contains the following presentations and articles previously published in twelve separate booklets: The Hargreaves Series.

  • Individual Salvation – Subjective Being
  • Generic Man
  • Individuality
  • The Universal Nature of Church and Man
  • The Indivisibility of the Infinite
  • The Divine Idea and the Human Concept
  • In Thy Light
  • Principle’s Unerring Direction
  • America, Science and Government
  • The Science of Spiritual Reflection
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • My Glorious Subjective Universe
  • The Grandeur of Universal Goodness
  • Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church
  • Man Not a Creator
  • For God To Know Is To Be
  • The Underlying Perfection of Being
  • Presentations for a Seminar in Los Angeles
  • Conversations in Carmel