John Hargreaves

Collected Writings – Volume 2

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Previously published as a series of booklets

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The Science of Spiritual Reflection was originally given as an Association Address on the allness of divine Mind and the divine reflection that is the very nature of man.  In Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy writes, “The verity that God’s image is not a creator, though he reflects the creation of Mind, God, constitutes the underlying reality of reflection” (S&H 305:13-15).

John explores the word “reflection” and the image of the mirrored reflection, both of which give rise to misunderstanding. As John explains, reflection can only be understood from the standpoint of its original. Only that which stands in front of the mirror can see the image.

Only Mind, God, can know man. There is no inherent capacity in image, reflection. Science demands the jettisoning of time-honored attempts to understand reflection from the standpoint of personal sense, and a new and revolutionary outlook in order to see reflection as it is.

For those who love The Lord’s Prayer and want to have a fuller understanding of its rich meaning and importance, this Association address, presented here as a booklet and in eBook form, will be very highly valued. John examines each sentence of this prayer in depth in the light of the teachings of Christian Science. The insights presented lift thought to true at-one-ment with God and strengthen spiritual sense and reasoning.

John Hargreaves regarded My Glorious Subjective Universe as one of his most important long articles. This elaborates on Mrs. Eddy’s foundational concepts that are essential to the understanding of Christian Science.

In the article, John focuses on each word of the title and shows that the universe is, here and now, the glorious and subjective experience of the one Mind, the only I or Ego. He explains that, consequent to the understanding of this true state, the problems of mankind are not just alleviated but fade out, and that this fading out of misconception is all there is to what appears as healing. The article is very direct and easy to understand.

My Glorious Subjective Universe was originally published with four other articles written by John Hargreaves:

The Grandeur of Universal Goodness
Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church
Man Not a Creator
For God to Know Is to Be

In The Underlying Perfection of Being John Hargreaves explores the underlying perfection of being which exists and is all.  Anything that does not belong to this reality, to the Science of being, falls into the category of material beliefs that have to disappear.

This reality, or Science, of being comprises the knowledge of everything that constitutes the entire spectrum of experience, both religious and secular. It follows that the belief that matter, person, or any human concept as the medium for Mind, and every belief that organisation or institution is something in its own right has to yield to the underlying fact of which the human experience is only the symbol.

However it is important to remember that the apparent yielding of material beliefs to spiritual facts, and the gradual emergence of understanding, only pertains to “the false human sense of that light which shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not.” (Unity of Good 63:9-11)

In 1999, John Hargreaves was invited to present insights on Christian Science to a Seminar in Los Angeles. John’s remarks were intended to stimulate discussion in each of the seven sessions.

He starts with an explanation of Christian Science as a “new perspective” rather than a religion and challenges thought to leave the old goalposts of educated beliefs or conventional perception and religion. He takes each of the next six subjects — including “Church” and “Christian Science Mind-Healing” — to reveal the truth of these ideas as seen from this new perspective.

The progressive unfolding of what IS, is not a factor of an improved material sense of things but IS the divine Mind shining through the mists of ignorance, melting them and revealing a clearer, freer, happier and healthier awareness of what already exists as Mind’s idea.

In Conversations in Carmel John Hargreaves shares his extemporaneous thoughts in response to 24 questions during a two-day interview recorded in Carmel.

This transcript reveals John’s lifelong scholarship and altitude of thought. He was fluent in several languages, including Russian, German and Latin. He was a serious student of history with an understanding of both the details and grand sweep of the centuries. His books and articles on business and technology topics, written before he took up the practice, were also highly regarded in many countries, as was his poetry he shared with friends.

No subject, however, engaged his devoted scholarship and enthusiasm as did Christian Science and the Science of Being. John pored over and absorbed all of Mary Baker Eddy’s writings and thus was able to bring to every discussion an entirely faithful and complete understanding of her discovery. While he greatly enjoyed sharing views with scholars, experts and leaders around the world on wide-ranging topics related to spirituality, he was always alert to correct misstatements or distortions wrongly attributed to Mrs. Eddy.

John’s comments in this informal interview have been organized to provide the listener with a logical flow of ideas starting with some fundamental perspectives on God and man. These are followed by his comments on practice and healing, insights on church and the study of Christian Science, and finally, his thoughts on some of the greater issues so important today.