John Hargreaves


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In “Individuality”, John Hargreaves considers, “Who am I?” which is of importance to everyone. He thoughtfully exposes how the definition that personal sense has of individuality robs the student of his or her real identity and “individualized infinite power”. He goes on to show how “the breakthrough comes when we cease to consider God, man and the universe from any standpoint but that of the Mind that is God…”  John elaborates on the point that “we must begin by enquiring into the nature of God’s individuality — His indivisibility, oneness, integrity, pre-eminence, infinitude, and distinction in expressing Himself as all the grandeur of being.”  This essay provides an inspiring opportunity for the reader to peel away layers of misty beliefs about “individuality” and clarify in thought exactly “who I am”.  It is a marvelous treatment to get “person” and “personal sense” out of the way.