Monitoring My Universe





When there appears to be so much upheaval in the world, the need for spiritual clarity is essential. The only true course is to translate everything that appears in a material context back into its original language, Mind.

Being alert and monitoring thought is our universe.

From 1996 to 2001, John Hargreaves wrote many essays providing a metaphysical interpretation of developments around the world and other timely subjects.  These were originally published on the Mulberry Press website and for email subscribers as The Pig Bucket Series, so named for the tradition of keeping a folder of good ideas for later reference.

Several additional essays, written by others with a keen understanding of Christian Science, were accepted for publication after review.  At the time, none of these essays carried a byline so as to focus the reader on the ideas, not on the author.  We maintain this tradition in the new book.

It is with great pleasure that Mulberry Press offers this collection of all these essays. We believe that readers will find that many of the essays have remarkable relevance in today’s world.

Essays included in ‘Monitoring My Universe’

  1. Spiritual Proof
  2. A Christmas Pudding
  3. Celebrating the Millennium
  4. On the Subject of Companionship
  5. Notes on the Tares and Wheat
  6. The Patient and The Physician
  7. Comments on the Parable of the Prodigal Son
  8. Divine Awareness
  9. A Spiritual Journey
  10. The True Economy
  11. Take No Thought
  12. The One I or Ego
  13. Absolute or Spiritual Perception
  14. The Absolute and the Relative
  15. The Bent Stick
  16. Why Do Good People Die Young?
  17. Just One Life
  18. Government
  19. Not All and Something Else
  20. Stable Government
  21. Born from Above
  22. To Begin Aright
  23. Who Is Speaking?
  24. Clearing the Air
  25. Translations of Immortal and Mortal Mind
  26. Reading the Christian Science Textbook
  27. The Senses of Spirit
  28. True Vision
  29. Moral Idiocy
  30. Probation After Death
  31. Methodology
  32. Immanent Mind-power or Phenomenal Exhibition?
  33. The True Movement
  34. He Restoreth My Soul
  35. “Thy Sword shall be bathed in heaven” (Isaiah 34:5)
  36. The Brotherhood of Man
  37. The Final Conflict
  38. What is the Intermediate Line of Thought?
  39. “Errorism” As Opposed to “Terrorism”
  40. True Warfare
  41. Improper Prepositions
  42. The Present Christ
  43. Settling a False Claim
  44. Pandora’s Box
  45. No Delay
  46. The Search for Holiness
  47. Mental versus Christian Science
  48. Starting from a Higher Standpoint
  49. Incorruptible Power
  50. Ideas, Facts and Opinions
  51. Indivisibility of Good
  52. Uncovering Error
  53. The Equipollence of God
  54. True Selfhood
  55. The Dreamer’s Dream (Part 1)
  56. The Dreamer’s Dream (Part 2)
  57. The Prevention of War
  58. The Waning of Materialism
  59. The Nature of Revolution, Part 1
  60. The Nature of Revolution, Part 2
  61. The Order of Science
  62. The Hydra Heads
  63. Whatever, Whenever, However
  64. The One Body
  65. Christmas: A Date or an Attitude of Thought?
  66. The Eternal Now
  67. Employment is Never in Doubt
  68. The First Commandment
  69. Knowing the Truth
  70. The First Love
  71. The Water Wheel
  72. “Everyone”
  73. Brothers or Brotherhood?
  74. Getting with Grace in a Time of War
  75. No Silver Lining
  76. Invisible Objects
  77. Pure Religion, Undefiled
  78. The Symbol and the Idea
  79. A Subject for Research
  80. Which Way?
  81. Snowflakes
  82. The Lion and the Lamb
  83. Who is the Third Person?
  84. No Personal Identity
  85. Annunciation, Advent, Incarnation
  86. Personalities and the Demands of Soul
  87. The Human Concept or the Christ Consciousness?
  88. Living Church
  89. The Enemy Without or Within?
  90. The Politics of Fear or Government by Divine Love

Paperback  | 6.94×9.21″ | 358 pages