Hendrik de Lange

Principle and Practice

Paperback, Hardback, Linen Bound Hardback

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This remarkable book presents a unique collection of complete letters and excerpts contributed by students and friends showing the very wide range of situations and states of thought that are embraced in the daily practice of Christian Science.  These letters exemplify the Principle and practice of Christian Science dealing directly with specific situations.

The letters are conveniently in more than twenty chapters, including Joy, Stillness, Relationship, Business, Study, Progression, Government, Divine subjectivity, and No Human Evidence.

This book is a constant source of insights and help. One can read it straight through or browse here and there for daily thoughts and inspiration.  His clear and direct writing style makes it very easy to take in and understand profound Truth.  Reading these letters gives the reader a sense of having direct help in seeing through claims arising to be healed.

Dr. de Lange was always available and accessible to guide and lead with joy those who came in search of Truth.  His love and generosity knew no bounds.  He practiced and lived Science consistently and undeviatingly.  His reverence for Mrs. Eddy was indelibly evident.

Paperback & Hardback | 6.94×9.21″ | 306 pages