John Hargreaves

The Indivisibility of the Infinite

Audiobook (MP3)




The infinite and indivisible nature of God and man requires a totally new assessment of what these terms mean, and an equally total departure from all finite, theological interpretation of either. The terms of reference for Deity (God present as God-manifest) are in such words as allness, oneness, indivisibility, and universality. Mind does not stop being Mind by becoming Mind-manifest. All is Mind being Mind, Life being Life, Love being Love and so on. This ‘all’ constitutes the one Ego and its Ego-man. No personal, divided, finite sense of being entered this all. Man lives as the conscious identity of being — that is, as all that makes Mind conscious of what it is, but this identity if found in Mind only.

In this reading, John deals with the oneness of man as the likeness of the oneness of God, and the consequent preclusion of all personal sense. He explores the true meaning of individuality, and exposes the illusory nature of that which appears as a mortal. He describes the only way in which what is termed ‘mankind’ can be improved, and uncovers the essential divinity of all that appears as humanity.

As a consequence of the indivisibility of good, we find the correlative indivisibility of what is called evil which, in turn, is reduced to illusion, suggestion, and a limited or false viewpoint.