John Hargreaves

The Lord’s Prayer

Audiobook (MP3)

9 tracks




For those who love this Prayer and want to have a fuller understanding of its rich meaning and importance, this Association address will be very highly valued. In this newly re-mastered audio recording, John Hargreaves examines each sentence of this prayer in depth in the light of the teachings of Christian Science. The insights presented lift thought to true at-one-ment with God and strengthen spiritual sense and reasoning.

  1. The Conditions for Prayer
  2. Our Father Which Art in Heaven
  3. Hallowed be Thy Name
  4. Thy Kingdom Come
  5. Thy Will be Done
  6. Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
  7. Forgive Us Our Debts
  8. Lead Us Not into Temptation
  9. Thine is the Kingdom