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September 16

Thank you for your call. S&H 414:26-28. Mind alone keeps in sight the wholeness and perfection of being. There is no onus on the human! The only substance is the totality of Mind’s awareness of its own self-expression. There is no other mind and no other awareness, and no other expression or experience. The simultaneity of all good, everywhere, always, is “…the chain of scientific being…” (S&H 271:2) and is your experience now. The proof of this is as spiritual as its Principle. Hence “The Principle and proof of Christianity are discerned by spiritual sense” (S&H 210:5). We never come out of Mind to look at some fictitious, mythical, world, which MBE rightly calls mirage, to deny or confirm what we are.

There is no person demonstrating: “…whatever is [appears as] mortal is composed of material human beliefs and of nothing else.” (S&H 478:25-26). What constitutes man is idea not physique. (See S&H 475:14-15) Neither are person, place, or thing. Beliefs claim to be localised, personalised, materialised. Ideas are infinite, indivisible, omnipresent, universal, and are wherever Mind is. You do not live as a mixture of the two, but as Mind’s self-awareness, thereby precluding all beliefs from your experience.