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September 16, 2004

Thank you for your sweet letter and enclosure. I am touched that you should have kept my early letters.

The whole discovery of Christian Science is that there is only one of anything because infinity has to be one in order to be infinite. When MBE says, “Mind is the source of all movement…” (S&H 283:4) it does mean all and not a spiritual alternative to some other kind of movement. (See S&H 283:4-12) What material sense calls moving about the place is not actually movement at all, but is simply the echo or belief about movement. This has no substance or truth in it. The only movement, even to human perception, is the divine, which cannot be hidden by the belief that bones and muscles have a job to do.

Every picture of decline, disintegration, deterioration is contained within the false view, the material sense. It is not in the thing that is being viewed. This is why your freedom cannot be impaired. In her description of God’s being, which is you, the four words to describe it are “infinity, freedom, harmony, and boundless bliss”. Being is infinite because there is nothing outside to threaten it. It is freedom for the same reason.

I find the passage in S&H 199:8-12 interesting. Mind demands the opportunity to express itself and supplies the occasion to do so.

I have been struck by the passage in S&H 493:28-4. The spiritual fact is that Mind does hold man forever intact in his perfect state. The consciousness of this fact is the Christ that comes in the highest form appreciable at any age. This Christ improves on a false belief by causing belief to yield to understanding. This is then in turn interpreted by human sense as Jesus (the human concept) awakening Lazarus from the dream. The only constant in all this is Mind maintaining its own idea, even though tired humanity appears to gain reassurance.

A similar thought is obtained from the passage beginning on S&H 27:14: “…The I—the Life, substance, and intelligence of the universe—is not in matter to be destroyed”. But this does appear to tired humanity as the reappearance, replenishment, renewal, of the human concept which itself is never harmed by the removal of the mist of ignorance that seems to hide its true nature.