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September 16

I wonder if you know the bit in My. 167:4-10. You see, we live as that totality of good called Principle and idea; as that oneness of Spirit which is quantity and quality. This is the indivisible I AM, and is our only identity. All that would postulate objective life in matter is not anything but mental suggestion, mesmerism. It is what we are not, and so we resign it, for in doing so we are just dropping mortal mind’s upside down view of things that has no basis or truth in it.

When she says that there is something fundamentally wrong in the marriage state it is because it is built on the belief of two coming together, and the basis of division in the premise leads to division in the conclusion. So we resign the belief that any good is outside, for this is what we are not.

In the same way, the belief is that good comes to us in business, or as a result of our own efforts. But this is not so, so we resign it.

S&H 265:3 says that man understands spiritual existence in proportion as his treasures of Truth and Love are enlarged. He understands himself, for man is the structure of Truth and Love and their ideas supplant and expel beliefs, so man is seen to be what he always really is.

So we watch thought, and let the ideas of Truth and Love instead of the objects of sense, which are but mortal mind’s false thought about things, occupy consciousness. There is nothing outside thought.