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Strathen, 9th July

The truth of being, the ideal of God, is only beheld from the standpoint of the Mind we call God. This Mind is forever saying to all it sees, “‘Thou art the Christ, the Son [or consciousness] of the living God!’” (S&H 137:17-18) The ideal of God is Mind’s idea of activity, completeness, abundance, etc., and it has no material element. The illustration, called job, companionship, supply, etc., is not the ideal but comes under the heading of ‘other things added.’ We let the ideal, not the illustration, abide in consciousness.

This is the importance of S&H 325:26-2. The divine Science, or understanding, proceeds from Mind and is concerned only with Mind’s ideal. It ushers the highest human concept of anything into human presence by melting the human concept that actually hides the ideal, and not tinkering with this concept. This is scientific demonstration. Unscientific demonstration is to pursue the human concept which actually hides the ideal.

The belief of personal existence objectifies itself as the inadequacy, frustration and penury of mortal existence, but this is not your belief. Neither the belief, nor its believer (mortal mind), touches conscious existence for both are aspects of the dream. Mortal mind’s objectification of its own myth is no more true than mortal mind.

Truth purifies mortals of the belief of flesh and this dissolving of belief exposes the purity of being that already is. “The supposition that life, substance, and intelligence are in matter, or of it, is an error” (S&H 287:24-25). Everything that Mind, your Mind, knows is one, indivisible, universal, and omnipresent. There is nothing partial in Mind-knowing.