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Yew Arch, 2nd July

We dwell solely in a world of consciousness, enjoying only that which is true from the standpoint of Principle, and rejecting anything that is said from the standpoint of personal sense. There is no personal right, because this false sense of right is always in contrast to a personal sense of wrong, and so is the basic error or duality. It is so interesting that Mrs. Eddy equates “stolidity” with “vice” in the same sentence. (See S&H 365:25-30) I am sure we see in our Movement this sense of personal right trying to assert itself and draw us into this false conflict. This is why we find that the letter kills. Spiritual sense knows that “He doeth according to His will” for it is always God that does God’s will without a human partner propping Him up!

S&H 503:20-22 is interesting because it does not add “fourth, in the effect of effect”! Idea and form is effect. The idea of God is the idea called man. It is not an idea about man, church, home, etc., but the idea which is man. We let the idea only abide in consciousness, for it is this alone which is “immovably fixed in Principle” (Ret. 93:12-13), as opposed to that which tries to be stolid in human rectitude!

Dan. 2:22 puts it so beautifully when it shows us that the Mind of God, your Mind, knows only the harmony of being, and not harmony versus something else.