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Yew Arch, 5th November

It is so important that we never look at or try to deal with effect. Mortal mind may appear as person, place, or thing, but it is none of them. They are the decoy, and are illusions. It is not enough to think that wrong thoughts cause wrong effects, because wrong thoughts, so called, are themselves effect. They are the effects of a mind that is not God, and so are just malpractice. Effect does not have an effect. So we do not try to tinker with effects, because this is as abortive as trying to do something to the image in the mirror. We watch to see that nothing but God and His idea of anything, can occupy our Mind, and know that no other claim to mind can operate as our thinking. All malpractice comes at the point of consciousness, and it is here, and not over there, that we deal with the claim.

Watch thought only. What is causative to your experience? The divine Principle (cause) remaining perfect, the divine idea (man, work, supply, church, etc.) remains perfect. Cause takes care of effect, but effect cannot have an effect.

Thought is the effect of Mind. Thought does not have an effect: it is the effect of Mind knowing.